Rules for Colorado

Family: Aces High
Categories: Thinker's, Rewarding, Two-Deck, Large, Long
Also Known As:  

Colorado is a straightforward but rewarding game of dealing cards into reserve piles until they can be moved to the foundations. The challenge is to choose the right reserve for each card so as not to block the cards beneath. With good play, wins are common.


There are eight foundations in a row, with a gap in the middle for the stock. Below are twenty reserve piles in two rows of ten, each of which starts with a single face-up card.


Cards from the stock may be played onto any reserve, regardless of rank or suit. Empty reserve piles must be filled immediately with the top card of the stock, until the stock is depleted.

The four foundations on the left build up in suit from the Ace. The four on the right build down in suit from the King. The top card of each reserve, and the top card of the stock, are available for play on the foundations.


The goal is to move all the cards onto the foundations.


Remember that you have two of every suit; try to arrange your reserves so that some build up while others build down.

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