Rules for Golf

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Lay out seven tableaus fanned down, each with five face-up cards. Above them place a single face-up card to start the wastepile, which will fan right during the game. Keep the rest of the deck in your hand.

The goal is to move as many cards as possible from the tableau into the wastepile. Top cards are available for moving to the wastepile, building up or down by rank. Building is not circular, and furthermore nothing may be built on a King. Cards are never moved among the tableaus.

Deal by playing a single card from your hand onto the wastepile whenever you want.

Because this is a hard game to win, many people "play for par." Count each game as a "hole," and the number of cards left in the tableau at the end as the number of "strokes" you took to play the hole. Each hole is par 4, so par for nine holes is 36.

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