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Answers to Common Questions

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How do I start a new game?Show

Click the New Game button at the left end of the toolbar to start a new game.

There are other ways to start a new game. Tell me about starting new games.

Where are all the games?Show

Click the My Favorites or All Games tab at the left edge of the game window to reveal a scrolling list of games to play.

Double-click a game in the list to start a new game of that kind.

The All Games tab lists all the games that are in Solitaire Till Dawn. The My Favorites tab lists just a few of the most popular games, so you can find them quickly. You can customize the list of My Favorites so that it shows your own favorite games.

Learn more about choosing different solitaires.

Can I change or remove the animations?Show

Open the Preferences window, and select the Animation tab.

You can change the animation speed to make cards move more quickly or more slowly, and you can control how much animation is used when you deal.

Tell me about Animation settings.

How can I turn off the little clock?Show

Click the clock to open the All Statistics window. Select the Don’t Time My Games checkbox, then click OK to close the window.

The little clock at the bottom of the game window is the game timer. If you don’t like playing against the clock, you can turn it off.

You can also turn the clock on and off in the Misc pane of the Preferences window.

Can you please change Solitaire Till Dawn for me?Show

You can already customize Solitaire Till Dawn in many ways: by using the Preferences window, the Décor menu, the All Statistics window, and more.

Some customization options are available in the Preferences window. Open the Preferences window by choosing Solitaire Till Dawn > Preferences.

For artwork, choose from several pre-selected sets of card artwork and window backgrounds in the Décor > Décor Combos menu, or choose Décor > Choose Card Art to open the Décor window and mix and match any artwork.

Tell me more about the Décor menu.

Choose Play > All Statistics, or click the Status Bar, to open the All Statistics window where you can control the game timer and more of what happens when you win a game.

Learn more about the All Statistics window.