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Quick Start

Read this page for a quick, easy tour of Solitaire Till Dawn’s best features.

Starting a New Game

Click the New Game button at the left end of the toolbar to start a new game.

The New Game button.

There are other ways to start a new game. Learn more about starting new games.

Choosing Games

Click the My Favorites or All Games tab in the Games Drawer tab bar to reveal a list of games to play.

Double-click a game in the list to start a new game of that kind.

The Games Drawer tab bar, at the left edge of the game window.

Tell me more about choosing different solitaires.

Choosing Décor

Use the Décor menu to choose card and window background art.

You can decorate your games with many different cardback designs, window backgrounds, and royalty artwork. Choose any of several popular combinations from the Décor Combos submenu, or choose Choose Card Art or Choose Window Background to create your own great combinations. You can even import your own photos to use as window backgrounds!

Tell me more about Décor.
Tell me how to use my photos as window backgrounds.

The Toolbar

The Toolbar is the row of buttons and controls at the top of the game window. In addition to the New Game button, it has controls for Undo and Redo, Snapshots, Auto Play, Card Highlighting, Game Rules, and of course the Help button that gets you here!

Statistics and the Status Bar

Solitaire Till Dawn keeps a wide variety of statistics for you as you play. The Status Bar at the bottom of the screen gives you a summary of your statistics for the kind of solitaire you are playing.

The Status Bar

Tell me more about the Status Bar.

The Status Bar is only a summary. To see a window showing your full statistics, click in the Status Bar, or choose Play > Show All Statistics.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

You can save a lot of mouse-clicking and play more efficiently by learning the keyboard shortcuts for selecting and starting games, dealing, undo and redo, finding cards, selecting and moving cards, and more!

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