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What's New in Solitaire Till Dawn

This release of Solitaire Till Dawn is an all-new version, re-written from the ground up for Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”) and later. This section lists the major changes from previous versions.

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Choosing Games: The Games Drawer

Click the My Favorites or All Games tab to open the Games Drawer and reveal a list of games to play.

Double-click a game in the list to start a new game of that kind.

The Games Drawer replaces the old “Favorites” popup menu in the toolbar, found in older versions of Solitaire Till Dawn.

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The Games Drawer tab bar, at the left edge of the game window.

Animation Settings

Use the controls in the Animation pane of the Preferences window to adjust animation speeds, and the amount of animation that is used.

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Players: Keeping Separate Scores and Settings

Use the controls in the Players tab of the Games Drawer to keep separate scores, statistics, and preferences for different people. This replaces the Users menu in earlier versions.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Solitaire Till Dawn now offers a rich set of keyboard shortcuts. It is possible to play games almost without ever using the mouse (although there are still situations where the mouse is best).

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Foundation Preeferences

Some people like to arrange the foundations (the “goal” piles) in a certain order, such as putting Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, and Clubs in left-to-right or top-to-bottom order.

Solitaire Till Dawn never enforces any such ordering, unless a particular game requires it. But now, Solitaire Till Dawn will remember how you like to arrange the foundations, on a per-game basis. Play just one game and be careful to arrange the foundations as you wish; after that, in later games you can just click an Ace (or whatever) and it will automatically go to your preferred location.

No Registration Keys

In the past, Solitaire Till Dawn used a registration key system. This version is sold only through the App Store, and no registration keys are required.