Customizing Your List of Favorites  Table of Contents Seeing Rules for Games  

The Game Browser Window

The Game Browser window (also called the Rules window) provides ways to explore all the games in Solitaire Till Dawn. It will show you everything about a selected game, and help you to find similar games.

Click the Rules button in the toolbar, or click the Show Rules button in the Game Info window, to open the Game Browser.

The Game Browser window.

Click a game in the List of Games to see its info and rules.

To find a game in the List of Games, you can scroll the list, or type the first few letters of the game’s name, or use the arrow keys on your keyboard to change the selected game.

You can see the rules for any game in this window, not just the rules for the game you are playing. If you are viewing the rules for a game you are not playing, you will see a warning in red text to remind you.

Click the Home button to select the game you are currently playing.

The Home button is disabled when you are already viewing the rules and info for your current game.

Click links in the game description to see only similar games in the List of Games.

For example, you can click the "Family: Klondike" link to show only games that are members of the Klondike family, or click the "Categories: Popular" link to show only popular games.

To show all games in the List of Games again, click the Show All Games button above the List of Games.