Choosing Games  Table of Contents Customizing Your List of Favorites  

Seeing Game Info: The Game Info Panel

Select a game in the sidebar by clicking once (because double-clicking will simply start a new game of that kind). The Game Info panel will appear.

The Game Info panel.

You can also select a game by typing the first few letters of its name, or by using the arrow keys to change the list selection.

Using the Game Info Panel

The Game Info panel initially shows only a few buttons.

Click the Start Game button to start a new game of this kind. (You can also press the Return key to start a new game when the Game Info window is showing.)

Click the Show Rules button to read the rules for this (and any other) game.

Tell me about reading game rules.

If this game is not in your list of Favorites, you can add it by selecting the “This is one of my favorites!” checkbox. Deselect this checkbox to remove a game from your Favorites.


Even More Info

Click the More Info disclosure triangle to reveal more information about the game.

The More Info disclosure triangle in the Game Info panel.

This will show you a brief description of the game, lists of its alternate names and variants, and more.

The Game Info panel showing more info.

To see rules and information for related games, click any of the blue-underlined links in the Game Info panel.