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Seeing Rules for Games

Click the Rules button in the main toolbar, or click the Show Rules button in the Game Info window, to open the Game Browser.

The Game Browser window.

The Game Browser window shows the rules for games. The rules contain a brief description of the game, the full rules for playing the game with real cards, and anything special you need to know about playing the game in Solitaire Till Dawn. There are also usually some tips for improving your scores.

Click the Home button to return to the rules for the game you are currently playing.

When you first open the Game Browser window, you see the rules for the game you are currently playing. But the Game Browser window allows you to see the rules for any game. If you are viewing the rules for a game you are not playing, you will see a warning in red text to remind you.

For more information about selecting and browsing games in the Game Browser window, see The Game Browser Window.

Use the Font Size controls to change the size of the rules text.

By default, the smallest font size is used, but several larger sizes are available.

Click links in the rules text to see definitions of special terms.

Special terms, such as "tableau" and "build down", may be shown as links in the rules text. Click the link to see the special term explained in the Glossary panel, below the rules text.