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New Games, Notifications, and Miscellaneous Settings

The Preferences window lets you customize Solitaire Till Dawn’s behavior.

The New Games pane

The New Games pane of the Preferences window.

Solitaire Till Dawn will usually ask for confirmation before ending your game in progress. You can use these settings to change that. (Be a little careful: if you tell Solitaire Till Dawn to never ask, you can lose a game in progress by accidentally clicking the New Game button or by typing ⌘N.)

The Notifications pane

The Notifications pane of the Preferences window.

Tell me when I win
Select this button to have Solitaire Till Dawn display a “Congratulations” window when you win a game.

Show my statistics when I win
This option has effect only when Tell Me When I Win is selected. It will open the All Statistics window whenever you win a game, so that you can see your full statistics for that kind of solitaire. Tell me about the All Statistics window.

Tell me when I’m stuck
Select this button to have Solitaire Till Dawn automatically tell you when you are stuck. The notification is a small red X over an icon in the status bar.
Tell me about the status bar.
Tell me about “Am I Stuck?”.

Score wins early
Select this button to award you a win as soon as your win is guaranteed, instead of waiting until the last card is played.

The Miscellaneous pane

The Miscellaneous pane of the Preferences window.

Don’t time my games
You can turn off the game timer by selecting “Don’t time my games”. When the timer is turned off, the small clock in the status bar is not visible, and game times are not recorded in your statistics.
Tell me about the game timer and statistics.

Show Player name in window title
Normally, the name of the current Player is displayed as part of the game window’s title, along with the name of the solitaire being played. Deselect “Show Player name in window title” to remove the Player’s name from the window title.
Learn more about Players.