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Shuffling and Game Numbers

New games can start with a random shuffle, or with a pre-arranged deck.

Use the New Game menu command or toolbar button to get a new game with a random shuffle.

Use the Play Game Number menu command to get a game with a pre-arranged deck.

Billions of Games

For every different kind of solitaire in Solitaire Till Dawn, over 2,000,000,000 different starting shuffles are possible. Every time you start a new game in the usual way (for example, by clicking the New Game button), you will get a randomly-selected shuffle.

If you chose just one kind of solitaire, and played it at a rate of one game per minute with no breaks for food or sleep, it would take you more than 4,000 years to play all of the different shuffles! This means that it’s very unlikely that you will ever play the same game twice—unless you want to.

Game Numbers are for “Stacking the Deck”

Every game you play has a Game Number that identifies the shuffle used at the start of the game. Choose Show Game Number from the File menu to get the Game Number for the game you are playing. Then at any later time, you can re-create the same game by choosing Play Game Number from the File menu, and entering that Game Number. This will “stack the deck” to be the same as it was at the start of the original game.

Sorry, but there’s no way to really stack the deck by putting the cards into an order that you specify.