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Winning at Solitaire

Do you think of solitaire as a mindless way to pass time? Well, so do we -- sometimes! But there are hundreds of different kinds of solitaire, and many of them aren't mindless at all; they are tough puzzles requiring thought, attention, and careful planning.

"Winning at Solitaire" is a series of articles, each teaching the winning strategies for a particular kind of solitaire. Each article will include a sample game that you can load into Solitaire Till Dawn, one that's been played to a win by an expert. The article will explain the important moves and choices in the sample game, and you can watch the expert play the game while you read his notes on how he won.

The seventh and newest article in the series is Winning at Grandma's Game.

Here's our list of articles so far:

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Last modified October 22 2014