Rules for Forty Thieves

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Forty Thieves is a two-deck game. Shuffle both decks together and lay out forty cards in ten tableau piles, four cards to each pile, face up and fanned down. Keep the remaining cards in your hand. There are also eight foundation piles and a discard pile, which start out empty.

Top cards of tableaus and the discard pile are available. The tableaus build down in suit; any available card may be played to an empty tableau. The foundations build upin suit from the Ace to the King. Whenever you wish, deal a new card from the hand onto the discard pile. The goal is to move all cards to the foundations.

The rules state that you can move only one card at a time. But as a shortcut, Solitaire Till Dawn will allow you to move a full or partial build if there are enough empty tableau piles, because you would have been able to accomplish the same effect by temporarily moving the extra cards into the empty tableaus.

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