Rules for Accordion

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Begin with the complete deck in your hand. Make piles by dealing out cards face up in a row, left to right, one card to a pile. Any pile can be picked up and moved onto the pile to its left, or the pile third to its left, provided the top cards of the piles match in either suit or rank. You must move entire piles, never partial piles. When you move a pile in the middle of the row, leaving an empty space, just shift all the other piles in to fill it. The goal is to finish the game with all the cards in one pile.

There are no rules about when you must deal, or when you must move piles. When dealing, lay out as many new cards as you feel like working with. Then move them about until you're out of moves, or until you think you'd profit from dealing a few more new cards. If you like, you may lay out all 52 cards at once, then study the layout until you find the best possible solution.

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