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Players: Keeping Separate Scores and Settings

Solitaire Till Dawn can keep track of separate personal information (scores, preference settings, and autosaved games) for different people. Each different person is called a Player.

You won’t need to use the Players feature if you are the only person who uses your computer; or when each person uses their own, separate login account; or when no one minds sharing their solitaire settings and scores.

To get started with Players, open the Games Drawer to show the list of Players.

Click the Players tab to display the list of Players.

The Players tab in the Games Drawer.

When you open Solitaire Till Dawn for the first time, a single Player is created and given the name of the person who is logged in. To see this, click the Players tab at the left side of the game window. The Games Drawer will open and display the list of Players, along with some controls for managing the list.

The Games Drawer usually shows a list of games that you can play, but the Players tab shows the list of Players instead.

The Active Player

The star next to a name in the list indicates the active Player. That is, that person’s preferences are in effect, and the results of any games played are added to that person’s scores and statistics.

If there is only one name in the Players list, then of course that Player is active and that name will have the star. If there is more than one name, only one will show the star, because only one Player can be active at a time.

Whenever you open Solitaire Till Dawn, you will see a "Welcome" notice that names the active Player and shows that person’s photo if any.

Switching Players

Select a Player in the list and then click the Switch to Player button to make the selected Player become the active Player.

If there is more than one Player in the list, you can make a different Player active. To do this, select a different Player by clicking (once) on the Player’s name in the list, then clicking the Switch to Player button. You can also do this by typing the first part of the Player’s name to select the Player and then pressing Return, or by double-clicking the Player’s name in the list.

Before the switch happens, the current game-in-progress is saved under the active Player’s name. Then the selected Player becomes the active Player; and this newly-active Player’s most recent game is displayed and resumed. Also, all of the newly-active Player’s preferences are now in effect, including the card art and window background art.

Switching Players does not mean losing the current game! Your current game is saved, and will automatically be resumed the next time you switch back.

Adding Players

To add a new Player, click the + button. A new name will appear in the list of Players.

Initially, a new Player’s name will be "New Player" or something similar. But the name is immediately selected for editing, so you can change it to whatever you like by just typing the desired name. Press Return when you are done editing the name.

If you need to change the name later, select the Player in the list, then click the Edit Player’s Name button and type the new name. Press Return when you are done editing the name.

Adding a Photo

To add or change a photo for a Player, drag a photo onto the Player’s name in the list.

You can drag an image file from your hard disk, a photo from iPhoto, or an image from your Web browser.

Deleting a Player

To delete a Player, select the Player in the list and then click the (minus) button.

Please be careful! Deleting a Player cannot be undone. The deleted Player’s scores and settings will be lost, and cannot be recovered.