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Décor: Using Your Own Pictures for Window Backgrounds

Choose “Choose Window Background” from the Décor menu, then drag any image or image file into the display area on the left side of the window.

If you prefer, you can select a pattern instead of a photo to use as a window background.

You can use your own digital photos, scanned images, creative artwork, or images from the Web as background images for your card games.

Begin by opening the Décor window. Click the Background tab if it is not already selected. Then select the “Your own picture” button.

The Décor window, with the Background tab selected.

Now find the image that you want to use as a background. You can get your image from your iPhoto collection, from a Web page, from a file on your hard drive, or from nearly any other image source that will allow you to drag the image or its file.

When you have located your image, drag it (or its file) into the display area on the left side of the Décor window. If you are successful, you will see part of your image displayed as the background in the display area, behind the card pictures.

Now click the Okay button to dismiss the Décor window. The game window will update to use your image as its background.

Using a picture file as a window background will not harm or alter your picture file in any way.

The Tile It button appears when you select the Your own picture button. If your picture is large (digital photos are usually large), do not select the Tile It button. Your photo will be scaled to fit in the game window as best as possible. If your game window is not the same shape as your photo, some areas around the edges of the photo may not be visible in the game window. (But don’t worry, your original picture has not been altered.)

If your picture is small, then select the Tile It option. Small pictures may look unpleasantly out-of-focus if they are not tiled.

In previous versions of Solitaire Till Dawn, it was important not to move, delete, or alter your background image after selecting it. This is no longer an issue: Solitaire Till Dawn will make a hidden copy to use as the background image, and you can do anything you like with the original image afterwards.

Some Pretty Mountains For You

Click the Mountains button to use our built-in photo for your background.

If you would like to have a nice photo for your background but you don’t have one of your own, you can use our built-in image of some pretty mountains and a valley.

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