Revealing Covered Cards  Table of Contents Shuffling and Game Numbers  

Finding Cards by Rank and Suit

Press a keyboard key to highlight all visible cards of the specified rank.


1  for Aces
2  for Deuces (twos)
3  for Threes
4  for Fours
5  for Fives
6  for Sixes
7  for Sevens
8  for Eights
9  for Nines
0  for Tens
j  for Jacks
q  for Queens
k  for Kings

Highlighting Cards by Rank and Suit

After highlighting all cards of a selected rank, you can restrict the highlighting to cards of that rank and a specified suit by pressing:

s  for Spades
h  for Hearts
d  for Diamonds
c  for Clubs

This highlighting will be canceled when you make your next move. To cancel keyboard highlighting before making your next move, press and release the Shift key.

You can use a different kind of highlighting to find playable cards: that is, cards that can be moved to a different pile.

Tell me about finding playable cards.