Am I Stuck?  Table of Contents Finding Cards by Rank and Suit  

Revealing Covered Cards

-click a face-up card to see its rank and suit when it is overlapped by other cards.

-clicking the red 3 shows it to be a 3♦

Usually you can see the rank and suit of any face-up card, because overlapping cards won’t cover the index (the rank and suit shown in the upper-left corner of the card). But sometimes, to save space, cards overlap to a greater degree and the index of some cards may be partially or completely covered. To see the rank and suit of such cards, position the mouse pointer over a card, hold down the key, and hold down the mouse button. If you keep holding down the mouse button, you can move the mouse over other cards to reveal them as well.

Some games use a tight fan to show how many cards are in a pile without revealing any except the topmost card, even though they are all face-up. The -click trick does not work in these games because you are not supposed to be able to see the hidden cards.