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"The game is graphically appealing because of its excellent design, its use of perspective, its detailed monsters, and its real hieroglyphics written on the walls."
Rusel DeMaria,

Selected as one of the "200 Best Macintosh Products"

"It's a fascinating game -- you can spend many hours exploring the Great Pyramid of RA."
Bob LeVitus,
Marvelous Mac Games

"It's a very challenging and fun game - well worth trying!"
Roberta Dulay,

"An impressive adventure. Anyone over the age of eight should find this game enjoyable."
Bernard J. David & Maria L. Langer,
The Mac Shareware Emporium

"Aficionados of the genre will become engrossed."
Gregory Wasson,

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Scarab of Ra

Scarab of Ra is a graphic adventure game, long considered one of the classics of Macintosh shareware. Become an archaeology student, following the great explorer Mississippi Smith on his most challenging expedition!

Scarab of RA combines a simple point-and-click user interface with a complex, long-lasting, and challenging game. It features three-dimensional, point-of-view graphics and full on-line help. It has been favorably reviewed in both Macworld and MacUser magazines, and is often selected for inclusion in "best of shareware" collections.

Download Scarab of Ra 1.4


  • Save Games - Games can last a while. Save long games to finish them later.
  • Point of View Graphics - Get the explorer's-eye-view of the interior of the Great Pyramid!
  • Every Game Is Different - This game isn't over after you've won the first time. There's a different game every time you play.
  • On-Line Help - Scarab of RA has an extensive on-line manual, built right into the program. You don't have to learn much to get started, but when you want more info, it's at your fingertips.
  • Automatic Mapping - Mapping's important. Move carefully through the pyramid, and your map will be drawn for you automatically as we explore.


A freak sandstorm in Egypt has uncovered the top of the Great Pyramid of RA the Sun-God. Already dozens of explorers, singly and in teams, have entered the pyramid through the door at the very top. None have ever returned. You, a lowly undergraduate student in Archaeology, have decided to enter the pyramid on your own and learn its secrets, and (if you can) survive to tell the outside world of its wonders.

In the dark of night, you have crept out of camp and into the Great Pyramid. You have stolen a little food, a lantern, and some oil for it, but that's all the equipment you were able to take on short notice. However, you expect to find abandoned food and equipment left behind in the pyramid by the other, earlier expeditions. (The ones that didn't make it out -- remember?)

You'll find that the pyramid is divided into floors or levels, and each level is a maze whose exit leads to the entrance of the next level down. The exit doors are locked, so before you can leave a level, you must find the key for its exit. You'll also find other things as you explore: the lost and abandoned detritus of earlier explorers, piles of gold left by ancient RA worshipers, dangerous animals, hidden traps. You must use your ingenuity and the tools you find to avoid the worst of the hazards.

Latest Version: Scarab of Ra 1.4

Requires: Any Macintosh, any system software.

Recommended: System 6.0 or later, including Mac OS 8.

Last Modified May 5, 1999